Bugibba, Qwara & St. Pauls

"Boo-gee-bar" is often called Little Britain. All year round it hosts thousands of British pensioners, and in the summer it hosts even more British tourists. That summer season, for young people, is quite short, June/July/August, and the place never gets that busy. There are a few nightclubs that are mostly seasonal, and they open for just those three months.

If you are visiting off-season, there is (or was) one club left, in Qwara, called Fuegos. It tends to have private parties most Friday/Saturday nights off-season, till about midnight, then it is open to the public. It is very small, and accommodates 50-100 people at best, and never seems busy.

Qwara is pronounced "ow-ra". It is the south side of the headland that becomes Bugibba, the back of the headland and the harbour is St. Paul's Bay. Qwara is the haunt of British pensioners, and there are a great many small bars, some with entertainment, many restaurants. It is Blackpool with the sunshine, everyone moving slowly, since they are all over 70.

The good news is - that a beer might cost you as little as 1 euro, pizza is very cheap, restaurants are cheap. A night out here is VERY CHEAP!

There is also no danger of being mugged or bothered. If you are 70 years old, drunk and walking back to your hotel, you will make it without being bothered.

If you are not a pensioner, and visiting off-season, there are plenty of bars and cafes, but you won't find any place that is 'buzzing'. If you are single, forget it, get the bus to Paceville, which is 3 miles down the road and a bus ticket will cost you 2.60 euro return. Don't even think of a white taxi, they will charge you 30-40 euro for the same trip, more late at night if you are drunk. Buses run all night.

Fat Harry's in the main Bugibba Square is worth a visit, a good pub, often a band.

Qwara, Bugibba and St. Pauls are great places to have as a base, a very cheap base, then to travel out to Paceville or Silema at night. You can get a room for a week in a good hotel for £50 or 60 euro most of the year. In winter, you can get a room-only for £100 for a month, and eating our is cheap, a breakfast just 3 euro. 

TIP. To get to Silema Strand, get the No. 70 bus from the central bus station. It is also a great ride with great views!

TIP. If you want a taxi, try eCabs in Paceville, known as Black Cabs. A one-way journey to Paceville booked in advance is around 15 euro from Bugibba, fixed price quoted in advance.

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