Quick facts about Malta


1. They use the euro.

2.  They are in Europe, but don't expect European law to be upheld or British type laws. Rental agreements are loose, care hire agreements loose.

3.  Things often don't work - just expect a shrug if you report them or complain.

4.  It is very cheap in Malta. A beer in a quiet area might cost 1 euro, a 4 pack of cans 1 euro, a bottle of water 1 euro.

5.  Restaurants prices are similar to the UK, maybe a bit cheaper in some areas. Restaurant meals cannot be described as 'cheap'.

6.  A full English breakfast is 3.50 euro.

7.  Buses are good, regular, and cheap. One end of the island to the other, 1 day pass, is 2.60 euro.

8.  Crime is very low, far lower than the UK. Petty crime exists, theft from hotel rooms, pick-pockets, but if you are sensible then you will be OK.

9.  There are lots and lots of British pensioners, all year round. Bugibba, Qwara, and St. Pauls are the typical haunts of British pensioners. St. Pauls is very beautiful, but very, very quiet...

10.  Silema is posh and expensive, 5 euro for a coffee. Coffee in Bugibba is 1 euro.

11.  Paceville is scary at first, but looks worse than it is.

12.  Massages can end up with a happy ending, and there is a red light district.

13.  It is warm all year round. It does rain in winter, a few days a week. Swimming from Dec to Apr is chilly.

14.  The police are nice, and helpful.

15.  They drive on the left, and they all speak perfect English.

16.  You can get a hotel in the winter for £250 a month half board.

17.  You can rent an apartment for £250 a month, but beware of landlord rules and extras, they will try it on. Getting your bond back is always tricky. UK type rental laws do not apply here, and you have no protection whatsoever, the landlords make it up as they go. Renal agencies charge 200 euro to introduce you to a landlord you can find in the papers, then they will not get involved in disputes. You always deal with the landlord. Apartments are always cold in winter, and the neighbours are always loud.

18.  Hospitals are good, don't bother with insurance - they won't even ask you for it.

19.  There are a few timeshare touts, and Africans selling cheap crap on the streets. They are not aggressive.

20.  Socket adapters are usually not needed.

21.  A Ryanair flight from the UK is often just £65 with 15kg luggage.

22.  You don't need any shots to go to Malta, but there are mosquitoes that bite from August through to November.

23.  Malta is just below Sicily, and most people don't know that. It is not close to Tunisia or Libya.



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