La Vallette Hotel, Paceville, Malta

The worst thing about Malta, is Brits on holiday, as it is most everywhere else. See a fight, then they are usually Brits that are drunk. Many groups of Brits, especially Irish and Scottish, head to Malta for a drinking holiday, and most never leave their 'all inclusive' hotels. They drink from noon till 4am, then sleep. And as they go to bed they do, of course, scream loudly to wake everyone up.

At 4am in Paceville you will see Brits staggering around, being sick, causing trouble. The booze is cheap, and in some hotels the booze is all inclusive, so you'll see Brits having vodka at 11am. They ruin the hotels in some areas. There are a few cheap hotels in Paceville, such as the St. George and La Vallette, and if you are not a full-blown alcoholic you will have a terrible time there.

These hotels sit right on the main street, and if you are lucky enough, then from your balcony you can touch the heads of revellers on the street outside. Your room will shake till 4am, not least because the main disco's are actually underneath the hotels. If you are normal, and not an alcoholic, these hotels are not for you.


NOTE. The Spanish staff who run the hotel are great, friendly and helpful, and the Maltese workers there are very helpful, but they cannot change the fact that this is a hotel for young people who like to drink late and party. If you booked the hotel, and had a terrible time, talk to the tour operators, don't whinge to the staff at the hotel. They do try and advertise the place as a hotel for youngsters, but in the winter some 80% of the guests are British pensioners, and those pensioners spend all day long complaining about the noise. This is a club 18-30 style hotel, built right above the discos, don't go there for a quiet break. The food is OK, the facilities are OK, the location central - very central.

                              Cheapest placed to book this hotel are and


Imagine having young kids in a room that shakes till 4am, the music so loud that you insides vibrate. Be very careful when booking a hotel. Most Maltese hotels are great, cheap, the staff friendly and very helpful, but there are some that cater for alcoholics and youngsters, and the travel agents often say 'this hotel is close to the bars and clubs'. No, the hotel is not close, the hotel is 12 inches directly above the loudest disco you will ever visit. From 7pm to 4am your insides will vibrate, no need for a vibrating bed!

In winter, you can get a room for a week, half-board, for £65. Where in the world can you live for that kind of money? Such prices attract drunks from the UK, the one good thing being that you never see them on the beaches or out walking. If it's daylight and pleasant, they are hiding away inside.

If you pay £125+ for a room for a week, then your hotel is unlikely to be full of drunk Brits.


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