Silema Strand & Silema Promenade

There are 2 parts to Silema, Silema Promenade and Silema Strand. During the day, the promenade is a great place to take a long walk with sea views, do some shopping, stop in a café and stare at the ocean. At night, you will see just a few joggers. As you get towards the shops, life does start to appear.

Surfside is a restaurant, a great view of the ocean through huge glass windows, but it is also a bar, and even a club at the height of the season. In the summer it opens it's roof and basement, and they become clubs and bars, often booked for private parties. They do a good pizza, a varied menu.

Click for Surfside website

Fortizza, the old fire station that was an old castle, and looks like an old castle, is a good place for a meal and a sophisticated drink, but no dancing, or bands playing.

Opposite it and down a bit is the Europa Hotel, which has a small bar that changes hands every year, and is sometimes great and packed, often empty. You could walk past and have a look.

Further down, towards the shops, is Time Square. Open all day and late into the night, it operates like a traditional British pub, and on a Friday/Saturday the local Maltese often have something of a disco going on one side of the bar. It does a good full English breakfast in the mornings for around 5 euro.

As far as Silema Promenade goes, that's it...




Silema Strand is very different, and always busy. During the day it offers a long strip of quality cafes and bars, and the cafes near the shops are where the beautiful people hang out. Coffee here can be expensive as you 'people watch'. There are many restaurants open at night, and in the middle of The Strand is a group of bars/clubs. Many of Malta's 'pretty people' hang out here. If you have looks and money, this is the spot for you.

The group of bars starts with Black Gold Bar, which is more down to earth and British in style. There is often a band, and Friday / Saturday it is busy all year round, to eat or to just drink. People do dance, but there is no real area set aside as a dance floor. Many UK ex-pats hang around the bar, but not pensioners. Often a good rock band doing a session.


Next door are 2 posh restaurants, that are not quite nightclubs. In Malta, the pretty people tend to sit and eat or stand around rather than dance, but dancing does break out in the more spacious parts later on. There are covered seating areas on the street, cool when it is too hot, and cool in winter because it never gets that cold in Malta. Click on the image below for TexMex restaurant, Silema Strand.


Meals and drinks can be pricey here compared to other parts of Malta, so if you want to put on a suit and be with the in-crowd, this is the place to go.

These days, you will here Spanish spoken everywhere in Silema, many Spanish seeking work in Malta. Dust off that Spanish phrase book.